FBA line

CTE with more than 10 years of experience in international logistics

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FBA special line operation advantage

  • Provide agent customs clearance service

    Sufficient position, guarantee time limit

    Free switch of various modes of transport, and choose the best

  • Access to the European Union's main basic ports, stations

    Provide tax refund service operation

    Professional teams follow up until arrival at designated ports, sites

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FBA service flow

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Export freight and customs clearance price

The above quotation includes
Sea/rail/air freight, export declaration fee, document handling fee.
The above quotation is not included
Customs/police randomisation fees at stations, docks or in transit; Inland loading, trailer, dock release, shipping company underwriting fees, etc. All detention charges arising from information or cargo issues.

Shipping address

No.5, Chengbei Road, Yiwu city (Warehouse no.3, Building 1, Houzhai Small and Micro Business Pioneer Park); Customer warehouse loading, customs clearance, trailer, booking services.

Compensation terms

If the goods are lost in our warehouse or in transit, compensation shall be paid according to the invoice value declared on export, and the compensation period shall be 4 months

Export requirements

1. Do not accept the replica brand goods. Once the replica brand goods are found, relevant authorization documents shall be provided within 24 hours after the incident, and a penalty of RMB 2,000 shall be paid for the delay; If the authorization certificate provided later is invalid, in addition to paying the fine, all additional expenses such as destruction or confiscation of the goods shall also be paid.

2. Refuse to accept prohibited goods, dangerous goods, products harmful to human body, etc.

3. The railway transportation refuses to accept electric products.