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CTE Logistics was among the first companies providing FBA prep service in Europe and provides warehouse (FBA warehouse) to door delivery service across the European continent. We follow Amazon’s FBA warehouse inbound requirements rigorously when printing, changing barcode, picking, and repackaging.

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Optimized Shipping Cost

CTE Logistics support a variety of modes of transport (sea, inland, air) and can adapt to customer needs to tailor-make specific shipping routes. We maintain a huge freight volume and a great loading capacity throughout the year and can load large pieces of cargo in a safe manner. CTE Logistics is striving to reduce the cost and can provide customers with preferential terms to a great extent.

Fast and Efficient Customs Clearance

With a decade of experience in international logistics operations, CTE Logistics is familiar with all the inspection requirements at customs ports in Europe and can help to minimize the time for customs clearance and complete the procedure in the most effective way. By controlling the duration within 10 working days, CTE Logistics ensures the completion of the customs clearance in the first time.

Diversified Cargo Categories

CTE Logistics supports the transport of an extensive range of cargo categories and strives to broaden the horizon for cooperation in a flexible manner.

Multi-Point Delivery

CTE Logistics operates customs clearance stably at three customs ports in Europe, i.e. FELIXSTOWE, ROTTERDAM, and HAMBURG, respectively, which basically cover all the freight demand of suppliers in Europe. Ten-year experience in the logistics trade has made CTE Logistics an old hand who grasps all customs channels of European ports and is able to provide customers with best services by virtue of its ample experience and industrial insight.

Perfect Technical Docking

Intelligent warehouse management makes CTE Logistics’ service process more reasonable and rigorous. This well-established technical system not only supports smooth operation of the business but also protects the best interests of every partner.

Timely and Unobstructed Communication

Centering on the "Customer-Centered, Trustworthy, and Efficient-Oriented" service philosophy, CTE Logistics maintains timely communication with customers so that every one of them could keep abreast of the dynamics of cargo transport and track the logistics process on a real-time basis.

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Founded in Yiwu in 2010, CTE Logistics (acting through Yiwu Kangbo Import & Export Co., Ltd. in China) is a company providing international logistics and warehousing services and specializing in international freight forwarding, DDP, DDU, LCL, European bonded warehousing and storage, and European customs clearance....

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